Sandra Bagan

Founder, The Purse Butler

Sandra Bagan literally traveled around the world to find the one item that she says all women in America absolutely should not dine without…The Purse Butler. Sandra had already explored and lived in nine other states from New York and Michigan to Illinois and Idaho. So, it should come as no surprise at all that this stylish lady who has a passion for fashion - and purses (of course), would naturally have a desire to spend a year traveling the globe to see and experience what the rest of the world had to offer.

Following a long time dream, just a few years ago, Sandra and her husband, John, took their two children and traveled around the world for nearly a year. They went over 34,000 miles by plane and many more by land. They visited 18 countries and along the way always kept their eyes open to new ideas and products they could introduce to consumers in America.

After arriving in Spain and noticing her very first Purse Butler hanging in a little corner shop, Sandra immediately realized that she not only needed one for herself - but that every woman in America needed one too! “I can’t count the number of times that I’ve been in a restaurant to enjoy a great meal and great company, only to sit down and struggle with where to put my purse,” says Sandra. The Purse Butler, which keeps your purse clean, secure and off the floor, truly is the ultimate solution to this problem for all women.

Upon returning from her trip, Sandra immediately researched the hanger and its history in Spain. The Spanish, who have been using purse hangers for 100 years in their daily routine, have always believed that it was bad luck to put your purse on the floor - in fact, they say if you put your purse on the floor, your money goes away! Shortly thereafter, Sandra introduced The Purse Butler to the US. Since then, Sandra's been on a mission to introduce The Purse Butler to every woman in America.

The Purse Butler launched in 2007 and is run and operated by Sandra Bagan in Thousand Oaks, CA. Sandra is married to husband, John and they have two daughters, Julia who is 12 and Colette, 9. She still enjoys travel, biking, cooking and entertaining and keeping her purse off the floor with The PurseButler when she is dining out.